Exploring the Neighborhoods Near Your Austin Apartment
Explore Around Your South Austin Apartment

If you’ll soon move to Austin or you’re already a resident, an exploration of the neighborhoods near your apartment can help you get to know the area and enjoy a more fulfilling time in Austin. Not only can an examination of local neighborhoods help you find new friends and places to go for entertainment, but your exploration itself can also provide some fun for you and your family.

Austin is a Swiftly Growing United States City

As with many of the cities and suburbs of Texas, Austin is one of the fastest growing in the state, as well as in the entire country. According to online publication The Austinot, Austin is the fourth fastest growing city in the country.

“Austin has always been more culturally open-minded and, as a result, we have a growing variety of restaurants, bars and entertainment options. In spite of its growth, Austin has held to its traditions and newcomers are happy to participate.”

South Central Austin is one of the areas experiencing significant growth in the region, but it hasn’t lost its laidback appeal and relaxed atmosphere. According to residents, it’s one of the places in the city that has treasured its “Keep Austin Weird” reputation. The influx of new residents and the popularity of South Austin has led to a fiery hot real estate market.

Further south, South Austin, which begins after Ben White Boulevard, there are some more affordable options for rent and homes as the urban sprawl hasn’t been as crowded as it has in other areas. However, real estate experts believe the southernmost communities in Austin will definitely see an increase in housing construction over the next decade.

Neighborhoods in South Austin

Many of the neighborhoods in Austin aren’t far from downtown, and several offer convenient proximity to areas of industry and sections of Austin with high job density. According to Move-to-Austin,  the South Austin area is divided into two main sections – those within the 78704 zip code, and those outside it.

“For the renters out there — I’m going to let you in on a little secret: If you are in your 20’s and are moving to Austin, it will be a bit of a cliche to move to 78704. I remember moving to town and thinking I was in on a little secret and focused on finding housing here, but the reality is that the area is full of newly-transplanted 20-year olds. A little less obvious is East Austin for this crowd, and if you really want to appear in-the-know, look around the North Loop area, which is just north of Hyde Park.”

The main neighborhoods within Austin’s “weird” zip code include Travis Heights and Barton Hills. Neighborhoods outside the zip code tend to offer more affordable rent, as well as lower home prices. Virtually every neighborhood in the South Austin area of the city is going to offer a unique experience and personality.

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