Reducing Your Utilities Cost in Your Austin Apartment
Save Utilities at Austin Apartment

Finding an apartment that fits your budget will help you enjoy living in your home without the worry of paying for rent that is too expensive, but your rent check isn’t the only monthly bill that you’ll need to cover each month. Your apartment management company may require you to pay a variety of utilities each month, and your behavior with these utilities can impact the overall affordability of your residence.

Reduce Your Electricity Costs with these Simple Changes

We all waste energy in one form or another, and very few people are cognizant of energy waste every second of the day. However, you may be able to reduce your energy bills by engaging in a variety of different habits that can add up to measurable savings.

One of the most interesting ways to reduce the amount of money you must pay for utilities comes from The Balance blog:

“Everyone always tells you to keep the fridge closed. But did you know that keeping your fridge and freezer full can also save money? Food acts as insulation and lessens the amount of time that the fridge has to run to stay cool.”

Choosing an apartment community that offers you relatively new appliances can also help you keep your electricity bills down. If you tour an apartment and see a refrigerator that predates Reagan in the White House, you might need to recalculate the amount of money it might take you to live in the apartment.

Other options for reducing your electricity bills include:

  • Using dimmer switches for your lights
  • Switching off power strips to prevent “vampire” electronics
  • Running the ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner
  • Drying your laundry on a rack instead of in the dryer
  • Use curtains to keep your home cool in the summer
  • Change the filters in your apartment if you have an AC
  • Upgrade to LED lighting in your lamps

While each of these changes might not result in massive savings on your electricity bill, they will add up over time. Additionally, making as many changes as possible can help you enjoy rather significant savings on your electricity bill, which means you can put that money toward other things like hobbies, entertainment, or savings.

Tips for Efficient Laundry Days

Doing the laundry is a necessary evil, and it’s an area where you can end up wasting a fairly large amount of energy. However, it’s easy to adopt some simple strategies for more efficient washing. For example, you don’t have to wash everything on the hottest setting possible, and you might also be able to dry your clothes without hot air or on a line for air drying.

LifeHacker shares further:

“While the washer can likely fit whatever you throw at it, if you’re using a machine drier afterwards you need to consider what it can handle as well. If there’s little room for movement in the drier, the hot air won’t be able to do its job and you may have to run the drier twice. That’s really inefficient, so make sure your load of laundry doesn’t take up too much room in the drier before you wash it.”

Doing your laundry after 8:00 PM can also have a positive impact on your electricity bills since it’s when the electric company will charge you less for using energy, based upon a system that charges more during the day and less during the night.

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