The Weather and Environment Near Your Austin Apartment
Weather Expectations Around Austin Apartment

If you haven’t lived in Texas before, you might assume that the state is hot all the time and that the only weather the state sees comes in the form of rainy hurricanes that come in from the Gulf of Mexico. On the contrary, many cities around Texas do receive diverse weather that includes heavy rain, drought conditions, and snowfall.

For local residents, the climate is very warm for much of the year, but the winters often provide beautifully mild temperatures. The benefit of such a climate is that residents can spend virtually all year outside in active and fun pursuits, from having fun in the backyard pool to bicycling all year long.

Does it Rain or Snow in Austin?

It’s probably not a surprise, but it does rain in Austin, and the average annual precipitation reaches 34.25 inches a year, according to U.S. Climate Data. The precipitation levels throughout the year are fairly constant, but residents tend to see the lowest rain levels in July and February. The wettest months are usually May, June, and October.

Sperling’s Best Places suggests that the average amount of snowfall each year in Austin is zero inches, but residents of the city know that it does snow once or twice every few years. The average low temperature in January in Austin is 38.4, which doesn’t encourage snowfall, but the temperature does sink into snowfall territory every once in a while.

What Kind of Clothing Do Austin Residents Need?

Although much of the year boasts hot temperatures and requires that residents use air condition, wear shorts, or have easy access to a backyard pool, there are some cool months during the year where pants, jackets, and gloves are a must. With lows reaching the high 30s in the winter, having some ear protection or a big, warm coat for those chilly evenings can help.

Conversely, the highs in the 90s in the summer not only require that houses and cars have air conditioning running all the time, but they also require cool clothing and sunscreen. Sperling’s estimates Austin’s “comfort” factor at 68 out of a 100, where numbers close to 100 are regarded as the most comfortable. The nationwide average for this index is 54.

Is it Dry or Humid in Austin?

Cities along the Gulf Coast of Texas are often some of the most humid in the entire country, and many of the locales on the western side of the state are dry for much of the year. With Austin’s location near the eastern side of Central Texas, you might wonder whether Austin is humid or dry for most of the year.

According to an article published by the Beaumont Enterprise, several of the most humid cities in the country are located in Texas. Corpus Christie, Victoria, Houston, Brownsville, and Port Arthur all land in the nationwide top 10 for the most humid cities. While Austin is not in that list, the city does experience some extremely humid conditions in the summer. It’s also relatively dry in the comfortable winter months.

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