What You Should Buy For Your First Austin Apartment
What to Buy For Austin Apartment

Moving into an Austin apartment is often an exciting experience because it means enjoying something new and meeting new people. Furnishing the apartment is one of the first tasks that greets you after you accept your keys and move into your new space. If your new apartment is your first “real” place after graduating from college or moving out of your childhood home, ensuring your home features a grown-up appearance will probably take some time and money.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to create a great looking apartment, even if you’ve never watched a single show on HGTV in your entire life and you feel like you don’t have any decorating sense.

Getting the Basics for Your New Austin Apartment

There are a variety of items you’ll need for your first apartment, and you’ll probably already own some of them even if you’ve only lived in a dorm room with a few of your college friends. Ensuring you have some of those basic items will ensure you won’t end up running out into the middle of the night to buy something you absolutely need and spending too much money on it.

Here are some pieces of advice from Family Share on furnishing your apartment.

  • Over the door hanging shoe holders – They are great for organizing office supplies, craft supplies, kitchen gadgets and spices, bathroom toiletries and jewelry/accessories.
  • Welcome mat and throw rugs – Something to wipe your feet on outside the door(s) and then one for in front of sink and washer/dryer if you have them. If you have a hallway, consider a runner.

Avoiding the College Dorm Look for Your First Austin Apartment

One of the problems many recent college graduates have, as well as anyone who has just moved out of his or her parents’ house, is the ease with which it’s possible to decorate an apartment with cheap decor. You might have a favorite movie, but putting an unframed poster on the wall of your apartment will make your guests think you’re still attending classes rather than working as an adult.

While no one should abandon their sense of whimsy and fun from childhood, graduating to an “adult” apartment often means selling your dorm furnishings and graduating to items that feature a bit more style.

The Huffington Post explains this concept well:

“While retailers like IKEA, Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond are here to help, such massive stores can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. Even worse? You might miss the opportunity to transition your space from the poster-clad dormitory of yesteryear to the stylish, adult space of tomorrow.”

Fortunately, the sparse, modern look is quite popular for apartments today, so if it takes you a while to figure out how best to decorate your apartment, having a bare and empty space might not be so bad for a while.

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